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מכונת CNC של דובין חיים מכניקה עדינה בע"מ

About Us

Haim Dubin Mechanika Adina Ltd. was founded in 1975

And it is under the management of Mr. Haim Dubin.

A company that specializes in the field of fine mechanics and is located in the center of the country, accessible and available to all its customers in Israel and around the world.

We have about 30 skilled, professional employees with a lot of seniority and experience in the field

Machining and mechanical assemblies.

The company and its managers have engraved on their banner, professionalism and reliability with an emphasis on compliance with strict quality conditions and turnaround times according to the customer's requirements!

​Our Services

We specialize in producing series of fine mechanics, big and small, and the development of production models.

Our company specialize in conventional machining processing of a small series quantities and prototype work.

We also manufacture machining parts in large series, with an emphasis on reducing production costs.

מכונת CNC של דובין חיים מכניקה עדינה בע"מ
עובד בחברת דובין חיים מכניקה עדינה בע"מ מכין אילוסטרצייה במחשב

Our Customers

We provide precise response, and uncompromising professional solutions to companies on its various forms.

Food and Beverage Industry AMRAZ YAFORA TARA Pharmaceutical Industry

Among our clients

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