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The high quality of our work at “DUBIN CHAIM FINE PRECISION WORK (1997) LTD .” dictates the demand for our products and services worldwide.

“DUBIN CHAIM FINE PRECISION WORK (1997) LTD .” is viewed as a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality products, Allowing the company growth and economic prosperity.

In order for “DUBIN CHAIM FINE PRECISION WORK (1997) LTD .” to compete successfully and maintain competitiveness in various markets, the company maintains a quality management system that operates from the quotation stage of the product to its delivery to the customer.

“DUBIN CHAIM FINE PRECISION WORK (1997) LTD .” quality management system is based mainly on the Israeli Standard ISO- 9001:2008. In addition, the Company relies on customer demand, international standards and required industry standards:

Quality management system requirements of ISO 9001:2015

A sample quality test by – Israeli Standard 936

This quality guide introduces and describes “DUBIN CHAIM FINE PRECISION WORK (1997) LTD .” quality management system, states warranties, and provides the procedures to be achieved through an efficient and effective quality objective.

The Company’s management is responsible for maintaining and strict implementation of all provisions and procedures.

All employees are responsible for the implementation of the requirements specified in the company’s procedures to ensure the level of quality are met.

Implementation of procedures, appointment and supervision of the quality control are the responsibility of the Quality Assurance Manager.

Management will allocate resources to enforce quality procedures as necessary to carry out the substantive quality assurance policy. This is also true for skilled personnel receiving guidance and training to improve their professional knowledge.

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